Venture Smart Asia Limited

Venture Smart Asia Limited (“VS Asia”), is a corporation licensed by the SFC in Hong Kong to engage in Type 1 (dealing in securities), Type 4 (advising on securities) and Type 9 (asset management) regulated activities. VS Asia provides Private Asset Management (“PAM”) and Institutional Asset Management (“IAM”) services for individual and institutional clients respectively:


Renowned for its connections with clients, VS Asia provides external asset management services to individual clients through reputable private banks.


Focusing on private equity funds covering Greater China, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Credit and Real Estate, as well as direct co-investment opportunities for institutional clients.

Venture Smart
Services Limited

Venture Smart Services Limited (“VS Services”) is registered as a company agency in Hong Kong of global insurance companies under The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers, dedicated to providing bespoke financial & insurance services to our individual clients under PAM.


Hexagon Credit Limited

Hexagon Credit Limited (“Hexagon”) is a licensed money-lender in Hong Kong, focusing on asset-based financing, with listed stocks or mortgages as collateral or guarantees for unlisted companies.

Venture Smart Migration Consultant Services Limited

Venture Smart Migration Consultant Services Limited (“VS Migration”) is an immigration and property investment company, committed to providing one-stop overseas property investment and international migration solutions.

Overseas Property Investment

Our team specializing in property investment conducts site visits and due diligence regularly to identify properties with good potential on return.

International Migration Solutions

Partnered with immigration consultants, lawyers and accountants, clients will be provided with customized immigration solutions.